Having a sprinkler system in your yard is a great way to keep your lawn watered without having to spend a lot of time placing sprinklers all over the lawn. But when a sprinkler head goes out, it can mean a hefty repair bill from your local lawn care company. But you cannot just leave the sprinkler head broken. There are several reasons that you should call for sprinkler system repairs.

Save water

When you have a broken sprinkler head, water will gush out of the system. This means that you can waste gallons of water every time your sprinklers come on. Having that much water come out at one time can lead to a host of other issues and you can bet that your neighbors will not be too pleased about having to walk in all of the excess water.

Having gallons of water jet out of the sprinkler means that the water needs to have a place to go. When the water doesn’t have anywhere to go, it often just sits on the lawn slowly killing the grass because it cannot get access to the oxygen it needs to grow and breath. Soon you will start seeing patches of brown grass.


If you happen to be one of the millions of homeowners that have to pay their own water bills, having a broken sprinkler head can mean a surge on your water bill. If you are trying to save money by not getting sprinkler system repair, you will just see those savings evaporate in water bills.

We recommend that you don’t wait any longer than you have to for sprinkler head repair so that you don’t have more issues than you can handle. Call Impeccable Landscapes today.