Meteorologists are already making their predictions for how intense the upcoming winter will be, but as your local tree care and shrub pruning experts in Spokane, we can’t stop thinking about landscaping.

Don’t worry, we offer snow and ice management services, and lots of local residents and businesses have already signed up. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on making your Spokane property more beautiful through trees and shrubs. In fact, all true tree and shrub care professionals know that the best kind of landscaping has something to offer a pop of color all year long.

Want proof? Well, here you go. Here’s a short list of some beautiful shrubs that wait all the way until the fall to show off their true colors.

Beautiful Shrubs That Bloom In Fall

  1. Bluebeard
    Sometimes referred to as blue mist spirea, this shrub can be found in lots of different color varieties, including gold, chartreuse, and pink. Late summer and early fall is this lovely shrub’s favorite time of year.
  2. Summersweet
    Want a fall-blooming shrub that produces sweet smelling blossoms? Despite its name, this shrub is a great choice! With this shrub, you’ll be treated to pink or white blooms in summer, and then in  fall feast your eyes on a show of oranges, reds, and yellows.
  3. Brandywine
    If you like mistletoe, you’re going to love this beautiful plant. Blooming in the spring, you’ll watch with astonishment as the normally green leaves turn a beautiful maroon-red in the fall.

If you’d like to see any of the above shrubs in your yard this fall, just call Impeccable Landscapes. Our tree and shrub care experts would love to provide you with a FREE consultation!