In a previous post, we discussed the fact that summer needn’t be the only season that brings color to your Spokane property. There are plenty of trees and shrubs that are known for blooming in the fall, adding a lovely splash of color to replace the spring and summer blossoms we all love so much.

But hang on just one second! You don’t have to worry about looking out on a boring yard just because the snow begins to fall in winter. In fact, there are some trees and shrubs that wait until the coldest months of late winter and early spring to show their true beauty.

Here are three favorites among the tree and shrub experts at Impeccable Landscapes.

3 Beautiful Winter-Blooming Shrubs

Japanese Pieris

This lovely, evergreen shrub produces 6-inch pendulous clusters of bell-shaped flowers that are often white or pink. Be sure to plant this shrub in a spot where it has plenty of room for vertical expansion as it can reach heights up to 12 feet tall!

European Filbert

Also known to some tree and shrub care professionals as “Harry Lauder’s walking stick” this shrub is better classified as a small tree as it can grow to over 15 feet tall! Look for it to produce off-white colored blooms in late winter.

Paper Bush

Looking for a shrub that will produce blossoms with a lovely scent? Look no further than the paper bush, which produces fragrant, yellow blossoms in winter and early spring.

We hope this post has helped you to see that winter doesn’t need to be a drab season as far as landscaping goes. Contact the tree and shrub care experts at Impeccable Landscapes for a free estimate today!