We know that you love having trees around your home. They provide your home with some much needed shade during the hot days of summer. But we all know that trees, like everything, don’t live forever. It can be a really hard decision to cut down a tree that is no longer thriving. At Impeccable Landscapes, we want to help you make this decision easier by telling you some ways to tell when it is time to call us for tree removal in Spokane, WA.


Where the tree is located can make all of the difference. If your tree is not near anything, you may not have to worry about is as much but if the tree is near your home, you need to evaluate if falling branches are risking the integrity of your home. You should also worry about trees that are near power lines. Is the tree going to blow over in the next storm and take out said power lines? If so, you may want to consider tree removal.


Are you noticing more branches out around your yard than normal? It could be a sign that the tree is not going to live much longer. But you have to be careful because falling branches can damage your roof and home costing you thousands of dollars.If your tree just isn’t aesthetically pleasing, we can help you with our tree pruning service as well.


If you have any inclination that your tree is diseased, you should give us a call and let us take a look at the tree. We can determine whether or not the tree needs to be removed. If you notice discolored leaves or it it is losing its leaves too early or if it has odd nodules in the trunk or branches, your tree may be diseased.

If you are worried about your tree at all, the best idea would be to call the tree care experts at Impeccable Landscapes for tree removal. We will determine if tree removal is what is best for your tree and you home.