Think fast: When you think about upgrading your landscaping with new trees and shrubs, what season do you envision? If you’re like most people, you probably imagine the bright sunshine and balmy temperatures that happy in the late spring and summer.

Here at Impeccable Landscapes, we pride ourselves on being Spokane’s trusted tree and shrub care specialists. That means we know a thing or two about planting trees and shrubs, and we think that autumn is actually an excellent time to add these plants to your landscaping.

Advantages Of Planting Trees & Shrubs In The Fall

  • Less Transpiration – Transpir-what? Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this tree and shrub care term. It’s the scientific word used to describe “the process by which moisture is carried through plants from roots to small pores on the underside of leaves, where it changes to vapor and is released to the atmosphere” (USGS). This water loss can be detrimental to young trees and shrubs, so having less of it occur during the fall is a decided advantage.
  • Moderate Temperatures – While there’s still plenty of sunshine in the fall months, temperatures tend to be more moderate, and nights are definitely cool. This is great for tree and shrub planting because they’ll feel less stressed after being moved into the ground.
  • Frequent Rain – It will be snow soon enough, but in September, October, and sometimes November, the only precipitation tends to be rain. This extra moisture helps to establish the roots of new trees and shrubs, while the combination of cooler temperatures encourages the plant to direct growth at the roots rather than top leaves.

Impeccable Landscapes Is Your Tree & Shrub Care Expert In Spokane!

So yes! It’s absolutely fine to plant trees and shrubs in the fall. We’d even say that it’s a smart decision. If you’re unsure about what to add to your landscaping, contact Impeccable Landscapes. Our tree and shrub care experts would be happy to help you plan your landscaping additions, or even plant them for you. And remember, once your trees and shrubs are planted, Impeccable Landscapes is always available to help with future care.