dreamstime_xxl_24065572Have you noticed how windy it’s been in Spokane lately?

It’s like the planet realizes that there are lots of dead leaves hanging by a thread from their tree branches, and it works up a big dose of gusty wind so that they’re all blown down from their perch.

Another thing that gusty, autumn winds reveal is a tree that may be weakening and in need of professional care.

For many years, Impeccable Landscapes has providing residents and businesses of the Spokane area with professional tree trimming, shrub pruning, and tree removal service. We find that there’s always more of a demand for these things in the fall and winter, when inclement weather tends to damage weakened trees.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should get a tree or shrub cared for before the winter storms arrive in Spokane, here are a list of warning signs that will help you decide.

1. It’s Touching Your Home

Any time a tree or shrub is in constant contact with your roof, siding, or walls, there’s a chance that it could cause damage during inclement weather. Even if the tree is able to weather the storm, there’s a chance that the close proximity to your dwelling will create the opportunity for mold growth. It’s imperative that you hire a professional tree removal service to take care of the tree before it creates a more costly problem for your home.

2. You Can See Dead Or Hanging Branches

When you walk around your yard, do you see some branches hanging down at an odd angle? When you stop and think about it, has it been a long time since you’ve seen living leaves on those branches? If so, all it may take to shake those dead branches loose (and through the windshield of your car below) is a stiff wind. Don’t wait too long! Call Impeccable Landscapes for tree cutting or removal services that will eliminate the threat.

3. Diseased Leaves & Trunk Fungus

When you take a close look at the leaves on your tree, are they discolored? Do they lack veins or sport odd nodules? These could be signs that your tree is diseased. Have you also noticed weird bumps on the bark or fungus growing up the trunk? These are definite signs of tree disease. It’s time to call the tree removal experts at Impeccable Landscapes for help.

Whether you need tree trimming, tree pruning, or simply tree removal, Impeccable Landscapes has the experienced tree technicians that you need. We can come out to your property, diagnose the problems with your tree, and recommend the necessary tree care service.

Contact Impeccable Landscapes to get a fast, FREE quote today! We also offer many different coupons that can make our tree removal service more affordable for those in the Spokane area.

Don’t let the blustery weather of fall and winter turn your trees into a threat that could damage your home or business. Schedule your tree or shrub care service now so that you can focus on the fun parts of the season instead!