The trees and shrubs in the Spokane area aren’t immune from insect attacks. Unfortunately, we lose many beautiful trees in the area due to insects such as the bark beetles that are attacking our forests. These particular insects are less of a threat to our suburban landscaping, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other threats from insects like tussock moths and tree borers. The first step to taking care of an insect problem on your trees and shrubs is to watch for the warning signs that your trees have been infested.

Signs of Insect Infestation in Trees

  • The top of your tree starts to die
  • Branches are easily broken by the wind
  • Sawdust-like material in the cracks of the bark
  • Loss of leaves well before the autumn season
  • Exit holes in the trunk or branches

What to Do About an Insect Infestation

The best thing to do is call a tree & shrub care team in Spokane, such as our team at Impeccable Landscaping. Insect infestations aren’t easily dealt with in trees and shrubs and will require knowledge about the different kinds of insects and what measures are best taken for that particular insect. Our team offers foliar insect treatment, systemic insecticide drench, as well as other services that can help eliminate the pests in your trees and help return your tree to its full health.

Learn more about our tree & shrub services by giving our team a call today at 509-570-1696 and get a free estimate. Check out our website for coupons on deals on tree care, too!