Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to watch for warning signs that things were going wrong in your yard during the summer? While we all wish that there was a way to prevent there being any problems with our grass or trees, that simply isn’t realistic. However, that’s why experts like our staff at Impeccable Landscapes exist. Below you can learn the most common problems people have with the trees in their lawn and what you can do to solve your issues.

Not Enough Mineral Recycling and Nutrients

Many times, people find that the trees in their yard are not getting enough nutrients and therefore are not as lush and thriving as they could be. Much of the time, the lack of nutrients is caused by removing the fallen leaves, bark and twigs from around the tree’s base. Unfortunately, this prevents the nutrients that are needed from being able to be recycled into the soil. Additionally, if your trees are surrounded by grass, the grass can also take the water and nutrients that the tree needs as it also needs both to survive. In order to remedy this problem, you first need to know when you fertilize your tree. You can also mulch your tree to prevent the grass from using the nutrients and microorganisms that the tree needs to be healthy.

Compacted Soil

When your trees are growing in compacted soil, this can prevent growth and  make your tree or trees less healthy overall. Compacted soil can be caused by people walking on the grass whether they are simply making their way across the lawn or mowing it. Your soil also is compacted from when your home was first built as well. If you want your tree’s roots to grow, you’re going to need to loosen your soil. You can do this with vertical mulching or by mixing in organic matter in with your soil.


Trees can often become stressed out when they are being attacked by pests. Additionally, pests exhaust the tree and take the necessary nutrients that your tree really needs to be healthy. In order to ensure that this does not happen, you should observe your trees often and look for signs of pests or the pests themselves. If you notice that there are indeed pests attacking your trees, you should contact your local landscape company so that they can recommend treatment and get your trees back to normal.

Natural & Mechanical Damage

We do our fair share of damage to our lawns over time. For instance, if you have pets, chances are they aren’t helping your grass and trees to be as healthy as they could be. Even if you don’t have pets, you may have animals that like to frequent your yard like deer or rabbits. You may also be causing your lawn and the trees in it harm with the lawn maintenance equipment you are using. It’s very easy for you to accidently hit the trunks of your trees with your mower which can cause issues with the future growth of your tree. Be sure to check your trees for any damage and to mulch, fertilize and water your trees often so that they can remain healthy.


You probably are already aware that trees’ roots expand as they age. This often poses a problem as many times obstacles get in the way of where the roots can grow. Whether your roots are interrupted by roads, sidewalks, buildings or something else, we may be able to find a solution. If you find that your roots are becoming unruly, contact Impeccable Landscapes today!

Tree Problems? We Have You Covered

While we may have given you the solution to some of the issues you are having with the trees in your yard, there may be some instances in which you need the help of a professional tree care company in Spokane. At Impeccable Landscapes, we know how to make sure your trees live long healthy lives. Contact our team of experts today and let us know how we can help you. We look forward to learning more about your situation and figuring out what solution we can come up with to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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