Yes, our name is Impeccable Landscapes.

Our website is full of pictures of lush green lawns in the bright sunshine of Spokane’s summer. Most people think that the tree and shrub care experts who work for Impeccable Landscapes must take a long vacation while snow is covering everyone’s sleeping yards, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Winter just happens to be one of our busiest seasons for tree and shrub care in Spokane. Why? Well you only have to cast your memory back 12 months to the winter of 2015 to get the answer to that.

Tree And Shrub Care Is Essential To Help Your Landscaping Survive The Winter

Since you might not have been a resident of the Spokane area when it happened, let us give a few details about the now-infamous Storm of November 2015.

  • Nearly 1 million people across the Pacific and Interior Northwest lost power because of heavy extremely high wind speeds
  • Winds were clocked as high as 199 miles per hour in parts of Washington state
  • Western Washington was spared the snow but instead experienced heavy rains and flooding
  • Falling trees caused the untimely deaths of three Washington residents

Impeccable Landscapes was ready for just such a disaster, performing countless emergency tree removal services to people in and around Spokane who had property damage due to the storm.

Then, in January and February of 2016, just as the Pacific Northwest had started to recover from the high winds and rains, snow and ice came through the region. Many more trees fell or were severely damaged due to the storm, causing hundreds of people to call Impeccable Landscapes for tree trimming and tree removal services.

The best way to avoid the winter damage that was caused by storms last year is to make sure your trees and shrubs are taken care of properly before the snow and high wind begin to blow.

Contact Impeccable Landscapes today for a consultation that will identify any trees and shrubs on your property that need to be trimmed, pruned, or removed to keep your property safe.