As a trusted tree and shrub care provider in Spokane since 1995, we’re well aware of the pride this city takes in its landscaping. It’s important that your eagerness to have a well-kept lawn doesn’t actually end up doing more harm than good, however.

We’ve found that when left to their own devices, residents of Spokane can sometimes get a little overzealous with their tree trimming practices. When it comes to tree and shrub care, more isn’t always better.

Keep reading to discover some of the most common tree-trimming mistakes we see in Spokane, then call Impeccable Landscapes for professional tree and shrub care services that will keep your landscaping healthy for years to come!

1. Topping

This is a very common pruning mistake, especially with young trees or those that are butting into the house or power lines. When the tree becomes unruly, people in Spokane take out their trusty clippers and lop off a large section of the tree’s crown (also known as the top leafing branches). Not only does this make the tree look bad it severely weakens the branch structure, putting it at risk for disease and damage.

2. Flush Cutting

Tree pruning is a very delicate practice, with the location of the cut making all the difference when it comes to tree health. Cutting a branch as close to the tree as possible may look better to the untrained eye, but professionals know that it’s a bad decision for the tree that will result in uneven bark. Flush cutting also exposes the tree to pests, disease, and fungus.

3. Overpruning

More is better when it comes to chocolate and summer vacation, but not so much when it comes to tree trimming. It’s a bad idea to neglect your trimming duties, but it’s an even worse idea to cut too much off a tree at once. Doing so robs a tree of its ability to feed and support itself.

Avoid these common tree and shrub trimming mistakes! Contact the tree and shrub care experts at Impeccable Landscapes for all your trimming, pruning, and tree cutting needs.