In the Winter of 2015, residents of Spokane got to see just how brutal snow, ice, and wind can be to their trees and shrubs.

From November to March, the tree and shrub care experts at Impeccable Landscapes were kept busy helping hundreds of customers deal with limbs, branches, leaves, and in some cases, entire trees that were taken down by winds that exceeded 100 miles per hour.

You might not think that you have to hire a professional tree and shrub care service to look after your trees in winter time, but failing to do so can put your safety at risk and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Here’s what you should do if a storm attacks your trees this winter:

Determine That People & Pets Are Safe

Sometimes trees fall on houses and cars. Sometimes they simply fall in the yard or on the sidewalk. Either way, determine that everyone is safe before anything else. Call 911 if any people have been injured, especially strangers.

Check Your Power

In many cases, trees that fall in urban and suburban areas take the power, telephone, and cable lines with them. If you’ve lost power immediately after the tree fell, it’s likely that this is what has happened.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you own your home, start a claim with your homeowner’s insurance provide immediately. If the storm was widespread, you’ll probably be competing for their attention with all your friends and neighbors.

Call A Tree And Shrub Care Expert

Only an experienced arborist can give you an accurate estimate of what it will take to remove the tree safely. Don’t attempt tree removal on your own! When your tree and shrub care expert gives you a quote, GET IT IN WRITING but don’t authorize them to start work until the insurance adjuster arrives.

Want to avoid finding a tree on your house? Call Impeccable Landscapes for tree trimming, pruning, and removal services before winter hits.