Most of them time, we don’t even notice the trees and shrubs that are part of the landscaping around our homes and businesses. We consider them “decoration” and forget that they are large landscaping elements that could potentially be dangerous in the right situation.

It’s every Spokane resident’s worst fear that one day they will wake up to find that a rain or snow storm has taken out a tree on their property. This fear quickly becomes a nightmare when a tree actually does fall, damaging their property in the process.

As your tree and shrub care experts in Spokane, Impeccable Landscapes wants you to be fully aware of what can happen when a tree falls on your property, as well as what aspects of this tree emergency are (or aren’t) likely to be covered by your homeowners insurance.

We can’t speak to each and every insurance policy in Spokane, but these are the general rules of thumb when it comes to tree and shrub care:

If There’s Damage To Your Home Or Business, Insurance Will Help

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect your home from unforeseen damage. If a tree on your property falls and damages your home, vehicle, or the property of a neighbor, it’s likely that at least a portion of the tree removal and repair costs will be covered by your insurance.

If There’s No Damage, There’s Probably No Insurance

But what happens if a tree falls on your property, but nothing is damaged? Or what about if you notice some warning signs that your tree is sick or dying, and want to get it removed proactively? Once again, you have to remember that homeowners insurance is designed to help you cover the costs of unforeseen damage. While the sick, dying, or fallen tree might be an inconvenience to you, the lack of damage to insured property means the insurance company is unlikely to help.

How To File An Insurance Claim For Tree Or Shrub Care

If a fallen tree has indeed caused damage to your property, it’s important that you start the process for filing an insurance claim right away. Here are three important steps:

  1. Take pictures – Take multiple photos from various angles and vantage points so that it’s easy to see the extent and cause of the damage. Remember: never climb on the tree or your damaged property in order to take pictures! The tree could shift at any time.
  2. Record details while they’re fresh in your mind – Was the tree knocked over by a storm? Record details about the length and severity of the weather. Note whether or not other trees in the area were also damaged.
  3. Prepare to pay your deductible – Even when fallen trees are covered by insurance, you’ll probably still have to pay a small deductible for tree removal service.

Be Proactive About Tree Removal With Impeccable Landscapes!

The best way to avoid damage to your home or the inconvenience of a fallen tree is to call Impeccable Landscapes right now. We can assess the health of all trees on your property and let you know if tree removal service is needed to prevent a hazard.