Just like your hair needs an occasional trim to stay healthy, so do your trees. Many people are worried that trimming their trees will somehow harm the tree, and it can, if you don’t trim them at the right time or in the right way. Our tree & shrub care team in Spokane can take the mystery out of trimming your trees!

When Trees Should be Trimmed

In general, trees need to be trimmed outside of the growing season. The best time to trim them is in the early spring so they can devote their energy to new growth. If you can’t trim them in the spring, though, late fall after they’ve stopped growing for the summer is good for most trees, too, and will help them weather the winter weather and prepare for spring growth.

Why You Should Leave Tree Trimming to the Professionals

Tree trimming can be dangerous, for you and your trees. First, people can get carried away with trimming and end up exposing the trees to diseases from over-trimming, which can eventually kill your tree. Secondly, trimming trees properly often requires the use of dangerous equipment at dangerous heights. Our tree care team in Spokane has the equipment and knowledge to trim your trees safely!

Call Today for a Free Estimate

Let our team take care of your trees and shrubs for you! We can set up an appointment for tree trimming at a time that’s right for your landscaping. Then our friendly and professional tree trimmers will visit your Spokane home and ensure everything is properly trimmed and cleaned up afterwards. Give us a call today for a free estimate on the tree trimming services that you need today!