Here at Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane, we strive to keep our services accessible to everyone who may need them. We investigate market rates for our tree trimming, cutting, pruning, and removal services, as well as those of our competitors, and do our best to set prices that will allow us to take care of our employees and customers alike. In the interests of keeping things affordable, we regularly run special offers and discounts that make our services even more accessible to those in our community.

Despite all of this, we realize that we are often called upon to provide tree and shrub care in emergency situations, especially during the winter. Unprepared to make such a purchase, some people in Spokane wonder, “Why is tree service so expensive?”

We’ve put together some information that will hopefully make it easier to understand the reasons behind your particular tree care estimate.

What Factors Impact The Cost Of Your Tree And Shrub Services?

  1. Time – When putting together an estimate for tree trimming, cutting, or removal services, one of the first things an arborist will do is evaluate the length of time it will take their crew to complete the job safely and completely. Sure, others might claim they can do it faster, but they might not be following safety protocol or ensuring that the problem won’t come up again next year.
  2. Access – It takes a lot of space to properly trim, cut, or remove a tree from residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately, that space doesn’t always exist. The more restricted the environment in which we have to work, the longer it will take us to provide the tree service without damaging your home or landscaping. Hence, the price may go up.
  3. Equipment – As a professional tree service company in Spokane, we’ve spent many years investing in highly specialized equipment that allows us to work safely and efficiently. We’re not just some guy with a chainsaw and a pickup. He may be cheaper, but we’re guaranteed to get the job done right.
  4. Expertise – We’ve been providing professional tree care services in this area for many years. We understand the trees, the city codes, the equipment, and the weather. All of these things combined make us a vital resource for taking care of trees. That guy in the pickup who’s been cutting down trees for a few months? Yeah, he’ll be cheaper, but he might also kill your tree and damage your car.
  5. Disposal – Another huge part of tree service that most people forget is disposal. What do you DO with a 50 foot tree that’s been ravaged by bugs or 500 pounds of tree limbs that fell off your tree in a winter storm? Reducing, hauling away, and recycling these materials costs money too.

Impeccable Landscapes Always Provides FREE Estimates For Tree Service

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand more about how hard we work to provide you with high-quality tree and shrub care in Spokane. Remember, Impeccable Landscapes will always provide a FREE, no-obligation estimate for any tree services you may need.