Most homeowners think of tree care as something that is best done in the spring, summer, or fall. While it is true that tree care services can be provided during these three seasons, there are also many tasks that can be completed during the winter. Impeccable Landscapes is your go-to source for affordable landscaping services in Spokane, and whether you need help pruning trees, treating them for insects, or giving them regular deep-root feedings, we are here to help. Check out the winter tree care tips below, then contact our team to request a free estimate.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Trees

Winter Pruning

Professional tree pruning is an important task for many reasons. First and foremost, pruning trees reduces the risk of lost limbs during winter storms. Additionally, pruning is the best way to maintain a tree’s shape, beauty, and functionality, enabling it to be a stunning addition to your landscaping. Pruning is easier to do in the winter after all of the leaves have dropped because arborists are able to easily see the structure of the tree. There is also less risk of damaging other elements of your landscaping, as annuals have been removed for the winter. Always keep your own safety in mind when it comes with winter lawn care — contacting a tree care expert like Impeccable Landscapes is always wise.


Adding some type of organic material beneath your trees is a great way to keep them healthy during the cold winter months that we experience here in the Spokane area. Winter mulching helps increase soil temperature and moisture levels, and it improves the structure and nutrient levels in the soil. This is one simple task that homeowners can complete on their own, or, if you prefer to have someone else do it for you, our local landscapers are happy to help!

Tree Inspections

Your trees are like any other component of your landscaping in that they need to be inspected frequently to keep small problems from developing into larger ones. Winter is a great time for a certified arborist to complete an inspection, and it is also a good time to replace any loose cabling or bracing around your trees. Winter is also an ideal time to remove trees that are in poor condition, not well-suited for where they are planted, diseased, or otherwise problematic.

Spokane Tree Pruning Service

Are you searching for an experienced and affordable tree pruning service provider in Spokane or the surrounding areas? If so, look no further than Impeccable Landscapes. We have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that the trees on your property are beautiful and healthy all year, and we have an ISA-certified arborist on staff to address any and all of your tree removal needs. Our landscaping company is family-owned and locally operated, and we have more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners just like you. Call our tree care experts at 509-570-1696 to learn more about our tree pruning services, or request your free estimate online now. We look forward to helping you!