Weeds are napping in your yard all year round. However, it is in the summer season that the sun’s rays jostle the weeds awake and they begin to germinate, growing rapidly, ready to take over your entire lawn. The best and most effective way to prevent these pesky plants from growing is to leave your lawn undisturbed. Granted, you will have to mow it but other than that your lawn should never be disturbed, otherwise you will be pulling weed all summer long. And no wants to do that, do they?

When you are mowing it is important to keep your grass relatively short. The longer your lawn gets, the more shade that is created at the base of the turf, allowing a cool ground perfect for weeds to germinate at a much faster rate.

It is also important that you can identify weeds as soon as they begin to appear in your yard. There are three different types of weeds, all of which require their own personal weed killer. Spraying a weed with the wrong kind of weed killer isn’t going to do any good, it will simply just waste your time and your money.

Overall, preventing weeds from growing in your lawn is a lengthy process, one that does not necessarily guarantee the results you want. Impeccable Landscapes however, knows how to keep your grass weed free all year long. Call us today and schedule a free quote. We are the lawn care experts and we want to prove it you(and the weeds)!