If you have a yard, you may have thought about pruning your trees. Unless you have a background in landscaping, you may not know the importance of tree trimming. That is why you would want to hire the experts at Impeccable Landscapes for tree cutting service. Do you know why you need to trim your trees? How do you know when it is time to call us? Let us tell you.




One of the biggest reasons to trim your tree is to maintain a healthy tree. By removing dead, damaged and diseased branches, you can prevent your tree from getting infested with insects or developing other diseases. Hiring a tree cutting service means that you can thin out the trees canopy without damaging the tree. They will also remove everything from the tree that is weakening the tree like suckers and waterspouts.


Having your tree trimmed frequently is a great way to prevent safety hazards such as falling branches during or after a storm or just because the branch is rotted. You don’t want to run the risk of a branch falling on you, your child or even your car. Save yourself pain and money by having the branch cut now rather than later.

Maintain natural form

Sometimes, trees grow unevenly. Some branches will grow faster while others will grow slower. A misshaped tree is not all that appealing and can throw off the look of your landscape. With tree trimming, you can keep the natural form of the tree and make it look like it grew like that naturally.

Stimulate growth

When you prune branches that are diseased or rotting, the tree will no longer have to make enough energy to keep the branch alive. With the branch gone, it can send energy to other places and stimulate growth of new branches. This will also help your tree look healthier and live longer.


If you have a tree that is noticeably sick, you need to remove the dead and dying branches immediately because if you don’t, the disease will spread to the rest of the tree. If your tree is not showing signs of illness and you just want to trim your trees to stimulate growth and give your home more curb appeal, the best time to hire us to do this job would be late winter or early spring. It is important to trim trees before they start budding. If you hire a tree trimming service during this time of year, you might see what is known as bleeding. This will not harm the tree. If you are not able to trim your tree during late winter or early spring, you can trim at other times just make sure that you do not trim during hot dry periods or extremely cold periods.

If you are in need of tree cutting service in Spokane, you need to call the experts at Impeccable Landscapes to get the job done. We will make your landscape look great.