If you do even the smallest amount of gardening or take care of your own lawn, you will have found out by now that you need to prune your trees and shrubs. This can be difficult on your own. If you don’t know much about the type of tree or shrub you have, you could end up killing it if the pruning is done incorrectly. Impeccable Landscapes are experts in tree and shrub pruning and we know how to make your trees and shrubs look their best.

Why do you need to prune?

Pruning isn’t only for plants to look better in your yard. There are many different reasons to do this. One reason is because without pruning, trees and shrubs will go rogue. Some stems grow faster than others and some plants grow faster than others. We don’t want one plant to overtake the other. We want individual plants. Another reason is to get rid of dead branches. Just like deadheading your flowers, your trees and shrubs need to know that they no longer need to provide nutrients to that area. By cutting off the dead stuff, nutrients make it to the living parts easier and faster, rejuvenating your plant.

When do you need to prune?

Most trees and shrubs need pruning more than once a year. It is best to prune according to the season that your plant thrives in.  Usually, they should be pruned right after their blooming period. This way the flower buds have time to prepare for next season.

If you are unsure, call Spokane’s Premier landscaping company and let us do the dirty work!