Every single year it is the same ol’ song and dance. Yardwork from April until November without fail. At the top of the list is of course pruning your trees and shrubs and it is everyone’s least favorite outdoor chore. And sure, you know why you do it: you don’t want your trees and bushes looking like something out of a Stephen King novel, unkempt and overgrown. However, there are other reasons we continue to prune our foliage month in and month out that you may not be aware of.

Besides just looking messy, often residential areas have constraints on tree shape and size. If you live off the beaten path this may not be an issue but for those living in urban areas, these restrictions can often be quite strict as well as expensive if you do not abide by them.

Something that all yard aficionados should consider however, is how not pruning can cause trees to have difficulties continuing to grow. For example, if a tree limb in turned inwards it may be causing damage to the rest of the tree. By removing this branch you may save yourself a big headache in the long run.

Impeccable Landscapes Inc. knows the ins and outs of pruning. If you are feeling unsure or simply just do not have time to prune your own shrubs and trees, give the experts at Impeccable Landscapes a call. We can have your foliage looking perfectly manicured in no time! Looking for a deal? Check out our coupon page and see what special offers we have on our pruning services now!