It’s fall in Spokane, and that can only mean one thing — snow, ice, and freezing weather are right around the corner. At Impeccable Landscapes, we can help you prepare your lawn for the coming winter season with our seasonal fall landscape maintenance services. Read on to learn all about these services, and when you are ready to prepare your lawn for winter, contact our team today. 

Fall Is the Time to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Everyone loves to have a green, healthy lawn during the spring and summer, but many people don’t realize that it requires maintenance and upkeep even in the fall. Fertilizing in the spring and mowing throughout the summer are all important aspects of keeping your lawn looking great, but if you fail to prepare your lawn for the winter during the fall months, you could end up with problems like mold and mildew growth, a broken sprinkler system, or a brown lawn that is incredibly difficult to get to grow green again. 

At Impeccable Landscapes, we can take care of the fall landscape maintenance for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the last few warm days before winter comes. Contact our team to schedule your fall landscape maintenance services today.  

Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

Fall and leaf clean up are extremely important to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your yard. A covering of snow over a pile of leaves creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive. It’s imperative that you remove all leaves, thatch, and debris from your yard before it begins to snow, so your yard will be healthy when the spring season rolls back around. 

Prevent Brown Grass Next Spring

Failing to aerate, fertilize, and take the proper preparations for winter during the fall can result in a brown, unhealthy lawn next spring. Aeration and fertilization ensure that your grass has access to air, water, and the nutrients it needs to make it through the winter months. When these precautions are taken, your lawn will become healthy and green quicker when the snow finally melts. 

Prevent Damage to Your Sprinkler System

Another step to preparing your lawn for the winter is to have your sprinkler system blown out. This process ensures that there is no water in the sprinkler system lines that could freeze and cause damage. 

Fall Landscape Maintenance Services

While most people think of landscape maintenance as something that you should handle in the spring and summer, there are important steps that you’ll need to take in the fall months before the winter arrives to ensure a green, lush lawn next spring. From sprinkler system blow-outs to fertilization and aeration, there are several landscape maintenance services that should be performed in the fall. 

Sprinkler System Blow-Outs

A sprinkler system is an essential tool for keeping your lawn and plants healthy during the spring and summer. However, when the cold weather rolls into Spokane, you want to make sure that your system has been properly prepared for winter. A sprinkler system blow-out ensures that you don’t have any lingering water in your sprinkler lines that could freeze and damage your sprinkler system during the winter. The team at Impeccable Landscapes performs sprinkler system blow-outs in Spokane and the surrounding areas to help you keep your sprinkler system in top-notch working order through the winter and into the spring season. 

Fall and Leaf Clean Up

Before the winter arrives, you want to ensure that your yard is clean and free of rotting leaves, thatch, and other debris that could result in your lawn being a little less-than-green next spring. Fungal disease, mildew, and blight can all grow during the wintertime if your lawn and plants are not properly cared for in the fall before the first freeze. The team at Impeccable Landscapes can take care of all of your fall and leaf clean up, so you can have peace of mind during the winter months. With our fall and leaf clean up, you’ll be able to enjoy the snow, whether you prefer to make snowmen, have a snowball fight, or watch the snow as you drink a cup of hot cocoa next to your fireplace, rather than concerning yourself with what’s going on underneath the snow. 

Lawn Aeration

Before the first freeze of the winter in Spokane, you should have your lawn aerated. This helps to ensure that your lawn does not suffer from soil compaction, which can prevent the grass’s roots from receiving essential resources and nutrients. Aerating your lawn in the fall before winter hits create small holes that air, water, and fertilizer can penetrate. This will encourage your grass to grow strong and resilient so that it makes it through the winter. When your lawn is properly aerated in the fall, it will result in greener, fuller grass next spring. The team at Impeccable Landscapes can aerate your Spokane lawn so that you are all ready for the winter season to come. 

Lawn Fertilization

After you aerate the lawn at your Spokane home or business, it’s important that you also fertilize your yard. This provides your grass with the nutrients that it needs to make it through the winter season and grow strong roots. If you fail to fertilize your lawn during the fall, the result will be brown, unhealthy grass when the snow finally melts. At Impeccable Landscapes, we will first aerate and then fertilize your lawn to get you prepared for the winter. 

Lawn Mowing

Even though the summer months are over, that doesn’t mean that you should stop mowing your lawn. You’ll still want to continue to mow, or hire a landscape maintenance company like Impeccable Landscapes to handle it, until the first freeze. At Impeccable Landscapes, we can come to your Spokane home or business every week or every other week to mow your lawn. When you choose to work with our landscape professionals, you can be sure that you will receive quality landscape maintenance services that you can trust. 

Schedule Your Fall Landscape Maintenance Services

If you live in Spokane or the surrounding areas, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the winter season. The professional team at Impeccable Landscapes can handle all of the fall seasonal landscape maintenance services for you from lawn aeration and fertilization to the sprinkler system blow-out and fall clean up. Contact our team today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for your fall landscape maintenance services.