Like every homeowner in Spokane, you’re proud of your lawn. Every spring, you wait patiently until the snow has melted and revealed your sleeping lawn. Then, as soon as things seem dry enough, you dust off the old lawn mower, top off the oil, fill up the gas, and fire up the engine for some serious lawn care.

It seems like you’re being a responsible homeowner, staying on top of your lawn care from the very beginning, but is it really that simple?

As experienced lawn care specialists in Spokane, we’ve learned a lot about the proper way to take care of turf here in the Pacific Northwest. It might surprise you to know that your mowing habits could be the reason your lawn doesn’t look as beautiful as it could.

Keep reading to discover common mowing mistakes, then contact Impeccable Landscape for premium lawn care services and leave the mowing up to us next year!

Mowing Grass Too Early

Slow down there eager beaver! Although it may be your favorite part of lawn care, mowing the grass too early in the spring season can send it into shock. When you cut a blade of grass, it limits the plant’s ability to carry out photosynthesis. Without the ability to properly absorb sunshine and turn it into growing power, your lawn will be weak and more susceptible to disease.

Mowing Grass Too Short

OK, so let’s say you waited until the grass was good and grown before you started mowing. Good for you! But now you’ve got another mistake to avoid: mowing the grass too short. Sure, you think your lawn looks great when it bears a striking resemblance to a putting green, but it’s actually terrible for your yard. Shearing your grass down to a tiny nubbin puts stress on the plant and leaves it vulnerable to insects and disease. Setting your mower blade a little bit higher will encourage your grass to grow deeper roots, thus reducing the amount of water it needs!

Mowing With Dull Mower Blades

As long as the grass gets shorter after mowing, many homeowners think they’re doing it right. But did you know that the condition of your mower blade can impact your grass in a negative way? Just like your kitchen knives, a dull blade tears the grass rather than cutting it cleanly. In the lawn care business we refer to this as “white tipping.” Overall, this will make your lawn weak and make it look like it’s dying.

Feeling overwhelmed by how many chances you have to mow the lawn incorrectly? Contact Impeccable Landscapes for premium lawn care services so you never have to worry about it again! We’re a local company with years of experience caring for residential and commercial lawns in the Spokane area.

We’d be happy to talk about all of our lawn care services, including mowing, and how we can create a plan to have your lawn looking lush, green, and healthy in no time. You’ll be the envy of everyone in Spokane. Call us today!