1. Common Spokane Lawn Care Questions

    In today’s blog post, we are going to be discussing some of the most common Spokane lawn care questions we hear. From how often you should mow your lawn to when the best time to water is, we’ll answer it all here. If you have any additional questions, view our Spokane Lawn Care FAQ page or contact our team at Impeccable Landscapes to learn more.  How often should I mow my lawn? At Impeccable …Read More

  2. Are Your Mowing Habits Killing The Grass?

    Like every homeowner in Spokane, you’re proud of your lawn. Every spring, you wait patiently until the snow has melted and revealed your sleeping lawn. Then, as soon as things seem dry enough, you dust off the old lawn mower, top off the oil, fill up the gas, and fire up the engine for some serious lawn care. It seems like you’re being a responsible homeowner, staying on top of your lawn care …Read More