Close your eyes and think back, waaaay back to when you were a kid growing up in the Spokane area. Besides Christmas, what was the part of winter that you looked forward to the most? Snow days, of course!

As a young whippersnapper, you would wake up on a winter morning and see the bright, white light that only a fresh snowfall can make. You would spring out of bed with the energy that only someone who’s never made a mortgage payment can have. Throw open the curtains and–yes!–a foot of snow on the ground and more falling from the sky! All you needed to do was switch on the radio or television morning news for a confirmation that you were indeed experiencing a snow day and school would be canceled!

What you didn’t understand as a child, however, was that a snow day meant that the adults in Spokane would probably have to spend the next eight hours on snow removal, either shoveling by hand, driving a snow plow, or hiring someone else to perform snow removal services on their behalf. If you need snow removal in Spokane, click the button below to get a FREE quote from Impeccable Landscapes! Otherwise, keep reading as we explore some of the ways that snow days can be beneficial for your health, even now that you’re all grown up.

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  1. Snow Days Let You Sleep In – OK so if you’re now a parent of kids growing up in the Spokane area, you might be woken up by squeals of glee as your kids ditch their backpacks for snowsuits. But in general, snow days are a time when just about everyone gets to turn off the alarm and roll over instead of springing out of bed for work and school. Since most of us don’t get enough sleep and adequate sleep is linked to better brain function, healthy weight, and a stronger immune system, this is a pretty awesome benefit!
  2. Snow Days Help You Exercise – When you were a kid, you rushed outside to spend the day dodging snowballs, sledding, and desperately trying to build an igloo but never really getting past the first layer of snow bricks. Now that you’re an adult, you reluctantly shuffle outside to get started on snow removal (assuming you haven’t hired Impeccable Landscapes to deal with it), but even this “boring” activity counts as both strength and cardiovascular exercise!
  3. Snow Days Encourage Relaxation – After you’re done shoveling snow, it’s time to head back inside to warm up. With the whole day ahead of you, you might curl up on the couch with a good book, build a fort with your kids, or pop some corn and host your very own movie marathon. Either way, putting aside the stress of work for a day and allowing yourself to truly relax is great for your mental health.
  4. Snow Days Force You To Cook – When it’s snowing cats and dogs, you can’t exactly go out to grab junk food or summon a delivery service (well, you can, but you’d better be ready to fork over a big tip). Instead, you’ll be forced to come up with a creative way to cook at home using the ingredients you’ve got on hand. Who knew hot dogs, pickled beets, and rice pilaf could be so delicious together?!

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