1. Protect Your Business with Snow Removal Services

    There are a variety of things that businesses need to worry about during the winter season, including reduced traffic due to cold weather, sick employees, snowed-in employees, and pipes bursting. But one thing that Impeccable Landscapes wants to prevent you from worrying about is commercial snow removal. It may not sound like it’s something that should be on the top of your priority list, but ha…Read More

  2. 6 Reasons To Hire Out Snow Removal in Spokane

    The average snowfall in Spokane, Washington is 44 inches per year, while the U.S. average is just 28 inches. That’s a 16 inch difference! If you live in Spokane, you’re probably OK living in a climate that gets a lot of snow, but not many people actually enjoy shoveling snow, especially when it’s early on a weekday, and you have to get the kids to school and be at work on time. The good news…Read More

  3. Need Residential Snow Plow Services in Spokane?

    When the flakes start flying, you can almost hear an audible groan from homeowners across the Spokane area. We get a lot of snow in our region and while there is nothing more beautiful than freshly fallen powder, it can be a challenge to clear away after the storm moves out. Impeccable Landscapes provides residential snow plow services in Spokane, and we would love to be your HOA’s go-to snow re…Read More

  4. 3 Reasons to Enlist Our Snow Removal Services

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it can only mean one thing--snow is going to be on its way soon. We’ve only had rain up to this point, but before you know it, snow will be covering lawns, sidewalks, and driveways all across Spokane. If you’re anything like most people, that might leave you with a little bit of dread in the pit of your stomach. Nobody likes to bundle up and shovel of…Read More

  5. 4 Ways A Snow Day Can Actually Make You Healthier

    Close your eyes and think back, waaaay back to when you were a kid growing up in the Spokane area. Besides Christmas, what was the part of winter that you looked forward to the most? Snow days, of course! As a young whippersnapper, you would wake up on a winter morning and see the bright, white light that only a fresh snowfall can make. You would spring out of bed with the energy that only someone…Read More

  6. Why Spokane Is A Wonderful Place To Enjoy Winter

    It’s easy to get the blues in winter time. After all, it’s freezing cold outside, there’s a lot of snow and ice to make your commute more difficult, and you’ve got to worry about snow removal both at home and your place of business. As people who have lived and worked in the Spokane area for many years, however, we choose to focus on the positives of experiencing winter here in Washington …Read More

  7. How To Choose The Right Snow Removal Equipment For The Job

    While your corner of the Spokane area may not have seen much snow yet, rest assured that bigger storms are coming. The coldest, snowiest portion of the year is yet to come, which means you still have some time to make sure your home and landscaping are ready to deal with snow removal. In a past blog, we talked about all of the different ways that winter weather can damage the trees on your propert…Read More

  8. Make Sure You Follow These Snow Shoveling Safety Tips!

    Although we’re known as a professional landscaping company in the Spokane area, Impeccable Landscapes does more than just aerate lawns and remove trees. During the long, cold months of winter, we also provide snow removal services to many businesses and apartment complexes in Washington. People hire us to take care of their snow removal because they know that there are lots of things that they…Read More

  9. Are You A Spokane Landlord? Sign Up Before The First Storm Hits!

    Do you own a rental property in the area? While there are many benefits to owning and managing this type of real estate, things become a little more complicated when it comes to seasonal maintenance. If you’re wondering how you’re ever going to get your tenants to take care of snow removal chores this winter in Spokane, we have a few tips that you should know about. Who Is Responsible For Snow…Read More

  10. 3 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Shoveling Snow

    It's only the end of September, a time when many people are just getting back into the swing of school obligations and feeling grateful that they don’t need to run the air conditioning any longer. But here at Impeccable Landscapes, we’re already way past Halloween and Thanksgiving in our minds. We’re imagining what comes after these cozy fall holidays, the great white CHAOS that are the snow…Read More