dreamstime_xxl_7699227As we detailed in a previous post, now is the time to start thinking about professional snow removal for your Spokane business.

Even though you might think that you’re perfectly capable of shoveling a few inches of snow from the sidewalk or knocking down a few icicles, there are some very important reasons why snow removal in Spokane is best left up to the professionals.

Spokane Businesses Hire Professional Snow Removal Experts Because We Provide…

  1. Customer Safety – You want customers to visit your brick and mortar business as often as possible, without fear that they might slip and fall on your poorly cleared walkways, sidewalks, or front stairs. During the Spokane winter, this means constant shoveling, snowblowing, and salting/sanding so that ice and snow don’t form a hazard.
  2. Employee Safety – Maybe you run a manufacturing facility or a commercial operation that doesn’t see very many clients. Well, your employees would also like to feel safe when coming to work! Eliminate the risk of costly worker’s compensation claims by hiring us for professional snow removal.
  3. Ease Of Mind – Stop groaning with dread every time you hear “snow” in the forecast because you know it means you’ll have to wake up early for snow removal duty. Instead, rely on the snow removal experts at Impeccable Landscapes. Trust us, we’ll get the snow removed before you even get into the office!

Don’t hesitate, our schedule for commercial snow removal in Spokane is filling up fast! Make sure you can enjoy all of these benefits by signing up for snow removal services today. Contact Impeccable Landscapes now!