While your corner of the Spokane area may not have seen much snow yet, rest assured that bigger storms are coming. The coldest, snowiest portion of the year is yet to come, which means you still have some time to make sure your home and landscaping are ready to deal with snow removal.

In a past blog, we talked about all of the different ways that winter weather can damage the trees on your property and what you should do to be prepared. In this blog, we’d like to take a look at snow removal and what equipment you’ll need to take care of it when the time comes.

Keep in mind, that you don’t HAVE to take care of snow removal on your own. If you’d rather stay wrapped up in your comforter, sipping cocoa on the couch while someone else removes the mountains of snow from your commercial property or residential driveway, Impeccable Landscapes is only a phone call away. But contact us quickly! Our roster of snow removal clients is building up quickly this year as property owners anticipate heavier-than-usual snowfalls.

Which Type Of Snow Removal Equipment Do You Need?

  1. Snow Scraper/Shovel – Shovels are the original snow removal tool and one of the most basic. Need to move snow off of a surface? Snow shovels allow you to scoop, lift, and dump snow in a new location. It’s backbreaking work, but it gets the job done. While shovels are good at removing snow, they’re less effective at removing the layer of ice that tends to build up beneath the fluffy snow. To remove this hazard, it’s important to have a scraper with a long handle. This will allow you to break up ice sheets and ensure safer passage on any walkways you own.
  2. Snow Blower – Shovels are great for a few inches of snow, but what about when Mother Nature dumps a few feet of snow on the Spokane area? Clearing walkways, driveways, and that pesky areas in front of your trash cans is much easier when you can simply walk behind a snow blower, allowing the high-powered gas engine to chop up snow and toss it into a more acceptable area.
  3. Snow Plow – If you’re responsible for clearing a very large driveway, miles of sidewalk, or a commercial parking lot, you’re going to want something more robust than even a snow blower. This is where plows come in. Available in sizes that are small enough for an ATV or large enough to clear an entire driveway in one fell swoop, snow plows are definitely the most expensive type of snow removal equipment.

Impeccable Landscapes Is Available For All Of Your Snow Removal Needs

Remember, you don’t have to deal with snow removal on your own. Check out the great specials we’re running right now on snow removal and de-icing services! Impeccable Landscapes is available for regular snow removal services at both residential and commercial properties. In fact, we’re a top choice among landlords in the Spokane, Liberty Lake, and Spokane Valley areas!