When the flakes start flying, you can almost hear an audible groan from homeowners across the Spokane area. We get a lot of snow in our region and while there is nothing more beautiful than freshly fallen powder, it can be a challenge to clear away after the storm moves out. Impeccable Landscapes provides residential snow plow services in Spokane, and we would love to be your HOA’s go-to snow remover. Contact us today to request a quote! In the meantime, let’s take a look at why you should consider hiring professional snow removal services and qualities to look for when researching different companies.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Snow Remover

It’s not uncommon for individuals to take on their own snow removal. After all, it doesn’t seem like that hard of a task…that is, until you have been out in the cold for 30 minutes moving heavy piles of snow and ice only to discover that you’ve barely made any progress. Rather than take on the monumental task of residential snow removal on your own, why not hire a pro? Doing so ensures:

  • Safety. Snow removers help prevent potential slips and falls on your property, as well as reduce injuries related to shoveling.
  • Efficiency. Professionals have the tools and equipment needed to remove snow in a manner that is fast and effective.
  • Guaranteed completion. Snow removal companies won’t take a break halfway through the job or forget to finish the other half of the driveway.
  • Enhanced curb appeal. Removing piles of ice and snow from your driveway creates a welcome and attractive aesthetic for guests and passersby.

Questions for Potential Snow Removal Services

Once you decide to hire a professional snow remover, you want to know what qualities to look for as you research different companies. Consider asking the following questions when you call around for estimates:

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

The equipment that a professional snow removal service uses is directly related to the quality and efficiency of their work. Think about it this way: A company that uses only shovels and sand can’t compare to a company that has plows and an entire arsenal of ice melt products at their disposal. Residential snow plow services should use professional snow removal equipment to provide their customers with the most bang for their buck.

What Are Your Hours of Operation?

There are many industries which operate just fine on a nine-to-five schedule. Snow removal is not one of them, and most property owners prefer to have their driveways and sidewalks cleared before they leave for work in the morning. Here at Impeccable Landscapes, we proudly offer rapid response times and around-the-clock snow removal services to offer our customers the benefit of our services, whether the snow is falling in the middle of the night or the middle of the day.

What Kind of Ice-Melt Products Do You Use?

In addition to questions related to snow removal equipment, it is also important to ask about de-icing materials and procedures. Traditional de-icers can wreak havoc on your landscaping and concrete surfaces if they are not applied properly. Check to see if the company you are thinking about hiring uses products that are environmentally friendly and be sure to ask about their application process as well.

What Services Do Your Snow Removers Offer?

The term “snow and ice removal” is a very general term that covers a wide array of services. When you are hiring a professional snow removal company, it helps to know exactly which specific services the company offers. Our snow removers provide a wide array of services, including snow blowing, snow plowing, and surface sanding. We are also happy to provide environmentally friendly de-icing services that use both granular and liquid products.

Professional Snow Removal Services in Spokane

Built-up ice and snow can be hazardous to drivers and pedestrians alike, and that makes it essential to have an affordable residential snow plow service that you can rely on during the winter months. Whether your current snow remover is less than reliable or you are hiring our professional snow removal services for the first time, Impeccable Landscapes is here for you. Our team of experts has the manpower, skills, and professional snow removal equipment necessary to rid residential areas of snow quickly. You can count on us to customize a snow removal plan that suits your needs and your budget. Call us at 509-570-1696 today or contact us online now — we look forward to hearing from you!