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It’s only September, a beautiful autumn month when the scenery in Spokane is truly resplendent. With all of this warm sunshine, cool breezes, and lovely fall foliage, it can be hard to imagine a time when the entire Spokane area will be covered with snow and ice, but rest assured: Winter is coming.

Close your eyes and imagine this. You wake up on a Tuesday morning to find that 13” of snow has fallen overnight. Immediately you think about your Spokane business: who’s going to shovel your sidewalks and stairs so that customers can safely make it to your store?

If the answer is “you,” it’s time you considered snow removal services from Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane. We can clear snow from parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor stairs, and even your commercial roof in a fraction of the time that it would take you. Why? Because we’ve got professional snow removal equipment.

1. Snow Plow

Why hope that your neighbor with the snow plow attached to the front of his beat up truck remembers telling you that he’d plow your parking lot on the cheap? With snow removal services from Impeccable Landscapes, you can be sure that your parking lot is cleared and ready for business.

2. Snow Blowers

Shoveling a few feet of sidewalk is one thing. Shoveling 60 feet of sidewalk in front of your commercial building is quite another (backbreaking!) thing. Why not hire Impeccable Landscapes to clear your sidewalks in a few minutes with our powerful snowblowers?

3. Salt/Sand Spreaders

Once snow has been removed from a parking lot, sidewalk, or external staircase, it’s important to salt or sand it so that it doesn’t become slippery with ice. The snow and ice removal experts at Impeccable landscapes have surface spreaders so that ice is dissolved safely and immediately.

Don’t suffer through another Spokane winter with nothing but your snow shovel! Contact Impeccable Landscapes to set up your snow removal services today.