The fall season is upon us in Spokane and with the chilly weather and changing leaves comes a need for us to begin to prepare for the coming winter season. We all know too well how quickly the first snowfall can appear, and when that happens, we don’t want to be caught unprepared. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss lawn care and landscape maintenance services that can help us prepare for the coming winter. Continue reading to learn more and if you need assistance with fall lawn care services, Impeccable Landscapes can help. Our Spokane lawn care experts are here to perform lawn mowing, sprinkler system blow-outs, aeration, and lawn fertilization to ensure that your yard is ready for the first snowfall. Contact us today for a free estimate.  

Lawn Mowing

Just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn’t mean that it’s okay to stop mowing your lawn altogether. Even during the fall months, you should be caring for your lawn and ensuring that it is ready for winter — and that includes mowing. During the fall, it’s typically suggested that you mow your lawn about once every two weeks. This ensures that your grass will not be too long and get matted down by the snow when winter comes. All that extra grass can lead to problems when it comes to growing green grass next spring. 


Aeration allows your grass to breathe. It also prepares your lawn to accept and absorb fertilizer and water. This helps ready your lawn for the winter so it will be strong and quick to grow back green when the snow begins to melt next spring. 


After your lawn is aerated, it’s time to fertilize your grass. This provides your grass with the nutrients that it needs to make it through the cold, snowy winter in Spokane. When your grass is properly fed in the fall before the first freeze, you will be able to enjoy a greener lawn quicker next spring. 

Sprinkler System Blow-Outs

Sprinkler systems are essential to having a well-kept, green lawn all spring and summer long. When the weather begins to get chilly and you know that the first freeze is right around the corner, it’s time to have a professional lawn care company perform a sprinkler system blow-out. This ensures that there is no water left in the lines to freeze and damage your sprinkler system. 

Fall and Leaf Clean Up

As beautiful as the changing leaves in Spokane are, it’s imperative that they get cleaned off of your lawn. Dead leaves can provide a comfortable, warm place for pests to nest, so removing them is essential to the health of your lawn. 

Hire Impeccable Landscapes for Your Spokane Lawn Care Services

Are you ready to prepare your lawn for the coming winter season with our fall lawn care services? Impeccable Landscapes can help. Our experienced and knowledgeable Spokane lawn care experts can provide you with sprinkler system blow-outs, lawn fertilization, aeration, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate.