Part of maintaining a beautiful and vibrant landscape is caring for the trees and shrubs on your property. Impeccable Landscapes offers tree and shrub care to ensure your landscape looks its very best. As experts in tree and shrub care, we are thrilled to use this blog to share tips and tricks to help you make the most of your lawn landscape.

  1. It’s Time To Get Your Trees and Shrubs Looking Healthier

    Look out the window right now. How does your yard look? Do you need to go out and mow the lawn? Are your trees looking sad? Are your shrubs taking over your garden? Believe it or not, you have to maintain trees and shrubs more than once every year or so. Sometimes branches and limbs die off or they grow faster than everything around it. To keep everything looking sharp, you need someone who is exp…Read More

  2. Our Tree & Shrub Care Goes Above & Beyond

    We know what you think when you hear “tree and shrub care”. You picture someone coming to your yard about once a month to trim up your foliage and not much beyond that. We hate to break the mold(not really) but Impeccable Landscapes takes their tree and shrub care much more seriously than our competitors. Our Tree and Shrub Care is very extensive and includes the following services: We Let A C…Read More

  3. Pruning Rules For Washington Trees

    There’s a reason Washington is known as the Evergreen State. With our abundance a beautiful tall conifers we hit the jackpot as far as lush and always crisp foliage is concerned. However, pruning these evergreens requires a different game plan than pruning deciduous trees. In order to make sure your trees look full and healthy all year round keep in mind the following pruning guidelines: Spruces…Read More

  4. Why Do We Prune?

    Every single year it is the same ol’ song and dance. Yardwork from April until November without fail. At the top of the list is of course pruning your trees and shrubs and it is everyone’s least favorite outdoor chore. And sure, you know why you do it: you don’t want your trees and bushes looking like something out of a Stephen King novel, unkempt and overgrown. However, there are other reas…Read More