1. Insect Inspect

    The Pacific Northwest serves as a home for many different insects. Some of these critters can be beneficial to your lawn but the majority of them cause severe harm to your grass, trees and shrubbery. Some of the most common pests you can be sure to find lurking around your backyard in the late parts of May and early June include Bark Beetles, Eriophyid Mites and Cutworms. Bark Beetles attack trees…Read More

  2. Prudent Pruning

    Pruning trees and shrubs tends to be one of those things that every patriarch believes he is an expert in. Not saying you don’t know your stuff, Dads, but there comes a time when you have to admit that your kids are right(despite their hatred of yard work): there are not any leaves left on that tree! It is important to realize that despite their appearances, trees are relatively fragile. Every c…Read More

  3. Ensure Your Grass Makes the Cut This Summer

    Your lawn has been napping all winter long and with spring finally here, your grass is hungry and ready to feast! Providing an adequate amount of food for your grass this time of year is imperative if you want a lush lawn until the cold returns in the fall. Fertilizing your lawn in May will ensure that the roots of the grass are strong and ready to stand up against the harsh summer heat. In order …Read More

  4. Spend Your Summer The Right Way

    The spring weather has sprung in Spokane Washington and summer is lurking around the corner. With lawn care in the near future it’s time for you to start thinking about how you are going to care for you lawn this year. Sure doing it all your self sounded like a great idea, mid-winter while you were stuck, bored inside, but in reality, being in the hot open air, doing back breaking work, just do…Read More

  5. Spring Into Action This Year

    As Spokane Washington begins to head into the wet season that is spring, it is important to remember how important it is to get fertilization down before the rain comes! As far as the health of your grass goes, it is important to give your yard the tools it needs to grow full and healthy come summer. Without the proper fertilization, especially in the Spokane Valley area, grass can drown under the…Read More