1. Fix That Yellow Grass Today With Our Lawn Care Specialists

    In the last blog, we talked about reasons your grass could be dying. When your grass starts to turn yellow instead of the bright green color you would expect this time of year, it’s time to change up your lawn care habits. At Impeccable Landscapes, we would love to help you turn your lawn around by doing some of the following things: Fertilization Sometimes, the sun and soil do not provide enoug…Read More

  2. Why is Your Grass Spotty and Yellow?

    It is common knowledge that a green grass not only looks healthy but it also brings a certain beauty to your home. But sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can’t get your lawn full of that lush green color. Even when the seasons change, your grass should remain some shade of green. If your grass is getting spots or is turning yellow, it is important to figure out why it is doing this and r…Read More

  3. Overwatering Will Cause You To Be Underwhelmed With Your Lawn

    Contrary to popular belief, your lawn does not need to get water every single day. In fact, your grass does not need to even be watered every other day. People who do water their turf this often soon will find their lawn looks dull, full of brown patches. To avoid this outcome, you must know exactly how the watering process affect the grass and just how often is the right amount. First off, when y…Read More

  4. Beat The Spokane Heat

    With temperatures expected to rise in the coming weeks in the pacific northwest, it is important to know how to maintain your lush green lawn as the sun beats down on it day after day. True, summer hasn’t even begun yet, but it is important to know how to prepare for the next couple heated months. Lack of rain and extreme temperatures can take a once healthy and happy lawn to the pit of brown pa…Read More