1. Pruning Rules For Washington Trees

    There’s a reason Washington is known as the Evergreen State. With our abundance a beautiful tall conifers we hit the jackpot as far as lush and always crisp foliage is concerned. However, pruning these evergreens requires a different game plan than pruning deciduous trees. In order to make sure your trees look full and healthy all year round keep in mind the following pruning guidelines: Spruces…Read More

  2. Weed-Ever Can You Do?

    Weeds are napping in your yard all year round. However, it is in the summer season that the sun’s rays jostle the weeds awake and they begin to germinate, growing rapidly, ready to take over your entire lawn. The best and most effective way to prevent these pesky plants from growing is to leave your lawn undisturbed. Granted, you will have to mow it but other than that your lawn should never be …Read More