1. Tree Maintenance Tasks To Take Care Of Before Winter Hits

    All spring and summer you worked hard on your Spokane home’s landscaping. You watered, mowed, weeded, and gardened. For many people, the change from summer to autumn is a signal that they can finally cease all the landscaping chores. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for winter to cover your lawn with a thick blanket of snow until spring, right? Well, not exactly. Before you can trul…Read More

  2. The Amazing Benefits Of Landscaping With Mulch!

    Here at Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane, we’re obsessed with efficiency. Even in the wet, fertile valleys of the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to be concerned about things like water conservation, not to mention conservation of our own energy. It makes no sense to waste your time and effort on landscaping in Spokane if you’re not going to maximize your efforts with mulch. If you thought…Read More

  3. A Guide to an Edible Garden in Spokane

    One idea that's gaining in popularity in landscaping is using your outdoor space to grow food. It's called an edible garden or urban farming, and it's not just gaining in popularity in Spokane but in other areas of the country as well. Our landscaping team has put together a quick guide to help you get started with turning your yard into a gorgeous, food-producing space you can be proud to share w…Read More

  4. 3 Great Reasons to Attend Your Local Gardening Show

    Summer is a great time to attend local gardening shows here in the Spokane area. There are tons of shows to choose from, ranging from garden tours through neighborhoods to large shows in conventions halls. Whether you have a little lawn at home to landscape or a sprawling commercial space, garden shows are a great place to find inspiration and ideas. Here are three reasons our landscaping team in …Read More

  5. When and Why You Should Aerate Your Landscaping

    Everyone wants to have a lush, thick lawn of healthy green grass to enjoy. When your grass is worthy of bare feet, you are more likely to spend time enjoying it. If your lawn is looking dry, patchy and thin no matter what you do to it, though, it might be a sign that you need to aerate your grass. Our landscaping service in Spokane recommends that you aerate your lawn ideally once a year, and it's…Read More

  6. Creating Curb Appeal For Your Landscape

    Spring is the time of year that a lot of homeowners try to put their home on the market to sell and move on to bigger and better things. They will paint the house, inside and out, fix that leaking sink and even install new windows, but many people fail to think of giving their landscape a makeover. Having great curb appeal can draw potential buyers in from the street and help sell your home faster…Read More

  7. Commercial Landscaping From The Experts

    As a new business owner, you have made decisions on everything from the color of the tiles to lighting and everything is perfect. But when it comes to the outside of your building, you have no idea what you are going to do with the landscape. Luckily for you, Impeccable Landscapes has over 20 years of experience in commercial landscaping. We want to be your go-to landscaping company for all of you…Read More

  8. Landscape Design Ideas

    One of our favorite things to do at Impeccable Landscapes is to design and build brand new landscapes for our clients. It takes more than having a vividly green lawn. You need to make your lawn come to life. That usually means that you need to take your time and think about what kind of things you want to plant to make your landscape stand out from the rest. Luckily for you, our landscaping servic…Read More

  9. 3 Services We Can Do For You This Spring

    We are now officially in March which means that spring is right around the corner. You have spent the last couple of months not having to worry about what your yard is doing since it has been dormant. But now is the time to start getting your landscape ready for the growing season. At Impeccable Landscapes, we provide a list of services that are sure to get your yard looking lush and healthy this …Read More

  10. Commercial Landscaping Like You’ve Never Seen

    We know you have enough to worry about within the four walls of your commercial business. Unfortunately, there is still business on the outside of the building that has to be taken care of and that business is landscaping. Luckily for you, Impeccable Landscapes has experts that can complete your commercial landscaping job in no time! Not only will the service be quick but it will be thorough. We o…Read More