1. The Most Wind-Resistant Trees And Shrubs Known To Man

    If you’re lucky enough to have mature trees on your residential or commercial property, you should know that they’re worth taking care of. A mature tree is a thing of beauty, helps to clean our polluted urban air, and helps prevent soil erosion. While trees are quite vulnerable in their early years, most threats are overcome by the time they’re a decade or so old. Still, there are a few thin…Read More

  2. Caring For Tall Trees After A Winter Storm

    Winter is officially here and all across the Spokane region, people are battening down the hatches to ensure that their residential and commercial properties are ready for the storms that we all know are coming. Don’t let the unseasonably warm weather lull you into a false sense of security! Just remember a couple of years ago, when unprecedented late-season snow storms accompanied by high winds…Read More

  3. Why Is Tree Service So Expensive?

    Here at Impeccable Landscapes in Spokane, we strive to keep our services accessible to everyone who may need them. We investigate market rates for our tree trimming, cutting, pruning, and removal services, as well as those of our competitors, and do our best to set prices that will allow us to take care of our employees and customers alike. In the interests of keeping things affordable, we regular…Read More

  4. 3 Signs You Should Get That Tree Removed

    Have you noticed how windy it's been in Spokane lately? It’s like the planet realizes that there are lots of dead leaves hanging by a thread from their tree branches, and it works up a big dose of gusty wind so that they’re all blown down from their perch. Another thing that gusty, autumn winds reveal is a tree that may be weakening and in need of professional care. For many years, Impeccable…Read More

  5. What To Do When Winter Storms Attack Your Trees

    In the Winter of 2015, residents of Spokane got to see just how brutal snow, ice, and wind can be to their trees and shrubs. From November to March, the tree and shrub care experts at Impeccable Landscapes were kept busy helping hundreds of customers deal with limbs, branches, leaves, and in some cases, entire trees that were taken down by winds that exceeded 100 miles per hour. You might not thin…Read More

  6. We Can Help Keep Your Home Safe In Winter

    Yes, our name is Impeccable Landscapes. Our website is full of pictures of lush green lawns in the bright sunshine of Spokane’s summer. Most people think that the tree and shrub care experts who work for Impeccable Landscapes must take a long vacation while snow is covering everyone’s sleeping yards, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Winter just happens to be one of our busiest se…Read More

  7. We Can Help You Avoid These Common Tree-Trimming Mistakes

    As a trusted tree and shrub care provider in Spokane since 1995, we’re well aware of the pride this city takes in its landscaping. It’s important that your eagerness to have a well-kept lawn doesn’t actually end up doing more harm than good, however. We’ve found that when left to their own devices, residents of Spokane can sometimes get a little overzealous with their tree trimming practic…Read More

  8. When You Should Be Trimming Your Trees in Spokane

    Just like your hair needs an occasional trim to stay healthy, so do your trees. Many people are worried that trimming their trees will somehow harm the tree, and it can, if you don't trim them at the right time or in the right way. Our tree & shrub care team in Spokane can take the mystery out of trimming your trees! When Trees Should be Trimmed In general, trees need to be trimmed outside of …Read More

  9. Signs Insects Are Attacking Your Trees & Shrubs (& What To Do About It!)

    The trees and shrubs in the Spokane area aren't immune from insect attacks. Unfortunately, we lose many beautiful trees in the area due to insects such as the bark beetles that are attacking our forests. These particular insects are less of a threat to our suburban landscaping, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other threats from insects like tussock moths and tree borers. The first ste…Read More

  10. Why And When Do You Need Tree Trimming Service?

    If you have a yard, you may have thought about pruning your trees. Unless you have a background in landscaping, you may not know the importance of tree trimming. That is why you would want to hire the experts at Impeccable Landscapes for tree cutting service. Do you know why you need to trim your trees? How do you know when it is time to call us? Let us tell you. WHY   Health One of the biggest r…Read More